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7 Responses to “Pauleen Luna and Mayor Sherwin Gatchalian break up”

  1. leehan16 says:

    haayzz..sad 2 hear d newz nmn..
    mnzn n nga lng aq nkkn0od ng tv..
    un p npn0od q..haayzz..
    anywayz..am stiLL hir prn nmn
    2 supp0rt u pau! :)


  2. baby edz says:

    eow!!!i think bagay tlga cla mayor and actress perfect for each other :lol: :P :roll:

  3. chrizchan says:

    actually d cla bagay dahl c pauleen mukhang bakla at c sherwin mongoloid wawawawawawawawaw. toink :mrgreen:

  4. Anonymous says:

    hi pauleen love boyfriend
    girlfriend :evil: ;)

  5. aby says:

    love u pau..

  6. Anonymous says:

    virgin pb c pauleen

  7. Abcdefghi says:

    Hindi na xa virgin! 15 yrs old pa lang nakuha na xa! :(

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